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What is the best moment
to visit Capri ?

For true lovers of Capri, each season has its charm but as for many tourist destinations, the famous “off-season” is de rigueur.

The tourist season traditionally extends from Easter holidays to the first weekend of November. Locals Consider the best of the island from early April to mid-June and from early September to mid-October.

If you do not really have the choice, know that the high season is aptly named, there is no surprise a lot of people but like everywhere unfortunately! The month of August is certainly, filled, but not unlivable! Just organize your day unlike buses / tourist excursions to have a little more tranquility .:

Capri has a warm Mediterranean climate with dry summer (Csa) according to the Köppen-Geiger classification. During the year, the average temperature in Capri is 18.1 ° C, and the precipitation averages 651.9 mm. (As compared to Paris, the average annual temperature is 12.3 ° C and the precipitation averages 475 mm. ).

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Capri in the spring

Spring is certainly the best time to visit Capri. The light is perfect, the weather is mild and the tropical flowers are already in bloom. The smell of jasmine and orange blossoms invades the streets, which are not yet overpopulated with tourists. The tradesmen and the restorers are well rested after their winter rest, happy to see the customers again!

What to do in Capri in the spring :
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Capri in summer

From June to September, Capri becomes the chic and glamorous destination that has earned a worldwide reputation as a destination of choice, tourists enjoy sunny days and mild nights. The coffee tables on the small square fill the marina with the rich and famous luxury yachts, and many visitors arrive by ferry at the port of Marina Grande.

What to do in Capri in the summer
  • Avoid the surroundings of Piazzetta assaulted by tourists during the day, it’s a good time to go to the beach
  • Rent a private boat: the best thing to do on a hot summer day on the island of Capri and have lunch in a beach restaurant with a fish dish accompanied by a fresh pitcher of white wine
  • Take a look at the calendar of events: There is always a lot of interesting animations in the summer.
  • We recommend that you do not come to Capri for a single day because the heat and the crowd can make this trip tiring and stressful.

Capri in autumn

The months of September and October are perfect for visiting Capri, especially if you are lucky with the weather. In mid-September, the island is very quiet, but the weather is still warm enough to spend a day at the beach. Restaurants and hotels are starting to close at the end of October.

What to do in Capri in autumn
  • Walking and hiking: the soft autumn light and the colors are particularly picturesque in this season and in principle you do not cross a lot of people on walks
  • It’s time to do some shopping and bargain shopping in the shops of the island.
  • The privileged climate of Capri makes bathing still accessible sometimes until November, enjoy:

Capri in winter

Winter is the off season of Capri, for those who know it in summer, the island may seem very empty, for others it is paradise finally deserted. If you love Capri in the winter, you will certainly find the most authentic and sleepy side of the island, but get ready for winter and a little nasty sea breeze.

What to do in Capri in winter
  • Walking and hiking: the few visitors can give you the impression of having the island for you alone
  • Rest and relaxation, the ideal season to unwind and relax away from the turmoil of the continent
  • Softness of the atmosphere and sun will suffice to make you forget the freshness of the night and the early morning. The period between December and February is perfect for getting away from the harsh winters of the inland, Milan or Bologna.